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Receive a Psychic Medium Passed Loved One Reading


 7 Card Egyptian Tarot Reading

(your choice of focus/love/general/career)

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What our COMBO includes:

Passed Loved Ones (Normally $50.00)


Focused: Receive a full psychic reading from a photograph of a passed loved one with no additional information besides the photo itself, many different types of information have been relayed from spirit messages such as facts only you can know about the deceased, things they were known for, their way of passing, who else they are with in spirit and much more. Your reading is done based on the photo alone and is messaged to you as in a detailed manner, questions and responses regarding the reading you receive is done afterwards.  Requirement 1 is best for this reading.

Requirement 1: A photo submitted on who the reading is for and their first name, the photograph does NOT need to be a file attachment and can be one within a public album or similar.

General: You can submit a photograph of yourself and receive an overall reading of what or who is around you in spirit.  Childhood friends or schoolmates, extended family, sometimes a lost pregnancy are just some of the few that come through with this reading.  After you receive your reading we ask you allow it to settle for a few days, as most times when there are parts of the reading you are unable to validate, over time you are able to recall back to people, places or things mentioned in your reading to understand more as a whole.  We also ask you confer with family or friends in regards as many times there are things forgotten or unknown about a certain individual who is mentioned in the reading.   Requirement 2 is best for this reading.

Requirement 2:  Take a photograph SPECIFICALLY for this reading for the best reading possible. We ask you sit quietly for five minutes, without being side tracked from outside people, relax, focus on your life, passed people you have in your life, etc. and then take a ‘selfie’.  This allows for the best reading as well as focuses more on you completely, and not who else may be in the room.  We ask you are the ONLY person in the photograph.


7 Card Egyptian Tarot Reading $40.00

Having a reading about your career, love life or a general reading helps you better understand what is going on in your life, as well as what problems may be arising or what to look out for.  It allows us to acknowledge personalities of those around us, also letting us see the true colors of those that help or harm us for their own advancement.  If you are looking for a career change, going back to advance your degree or are just starting out and need guidance or to get advice on your love life, this is a great choice.