$5 Tarot Reading

We are home to the popular $5 Tarot Reading here at 5 Star Psychic!

Don’t think you can get your question answered with just ONE card?




Does he love me?    Is he cheating?

Will I find a job soon?   When will I find a job?

Are we going to move this year?    When will we sell our home?

There’s many times we just want to know what the tarot has to offer us in regards to ONE specific area.  So many times that answer can be done with just focusing on your one question while our psychic shuffles and pulls one card when spirit says the time is right to.   She can give you the answer to your question quite easily with interpretation of your 1 card tarot pull.  Our $5 readings are done with the Egyptian Tarot Deck as they give a more straightforward reading.

Our Ganesha Tarot, which are more for a spiritual and emotional inner reading, are also available as a $5 reading.

You will also be emailed the ‘by the book’ meaning of your tarot card, though many times the additional intuitive meaning is how one reads tarot successfully, but many clients do ask in regards to a cards specific meaning, so, we will include it for you with your one card reading.   Please feel free to order a $5 express and get your answer NOW for any ONE question you wish to know.  Please refrain from compounded questions.

If you would like a more in depth reading on other areas of your life, or, around this specific question, please see our Readings Page.

It’s THAT simple- 365/24/7 through email or Facebook messenger- I’m always available through both.  The questions are endless. Is there a particular future date in question you want to know more about today? When ordering this reading, please specify what date you wish to have read if specific, or enclose your question with payment.  If you forget when checking out with paypal, I will email you afterwards anyway, and you can submit it then.   Readings are done while you wait. 9am-10pm, later on weekends.

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