Greetings and nice to meet you.  Just a little about me can explain so much.  I am a working psychic of 20 yrs, offering medium readings from loved ones on the other side, as well as divination readings such as tarot, medical intuitive, pendulum, remote viewing to find lost items and at times, lost people.  I am a 4th generation psychic, quite possibly more though the women in my family have been able to track back our gifts 4 generations thus far.

I have read tarot for over 20yrs and have been open to the spiritual side since a child.  I’ve  been witness to apparitions, communicated with spirit from a very young age, by the age of 5 I was reading auras at psychic events and communicating with spirits daily. The “titles” that fall under my psychic abilities are vast and include clairvoyant, clauraudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, precognitive, empath, channeling and automatic writing.  I have done remote viewing as well as medical readings on people who have certain health problems, or are going to. I have precognitive dreams and visions also.  When I give my readings, I focus on the energy around you and receive a variety of visions in my minds eye which I interpret and relay to you.  Many times I will see an image of someone or something I PERSONALLY know in my OWN life, which gives me the ability to say a specific name or area.  Other times, I can only relay what a name or place ‘feels like’ when trying to speak it, as if spirit is speaking through me physically.  Sometimes while giving a reading I will hear music, and many times it has a special meaning to the person I’m reading for, other times it is to tell me something,  for example, the song “Ebony and Ivory” was to explain to me that it was an interracial marriage, I was reading for the husband, who’s wife had passed suddenly and was also their wedding song.

Spending my life drawn to nature, animals, wildlife has brought me to learn and connect with facets of the spiritual world and universe.  Although we learn more every day about each other and ourselves, I aim to help those wanting to learn more about meditation, spirit guides, animal totems, chakras, auras, dream interpretation, crystals, divination styles, accessing your higher self and past lives.  Many have interest in Wicca, witchcraft, rootwork, Hoodoo, Voodoo, deities, performing spellwork as well as how others perform spells in many different cultures to better achieve the maximum magical intent.

Feel free to message me to discuss which reading is best for your situation, or if you have a question regarding anything on my site or additional services I offer. While I am fairly busy doing readings and helping friends on their journey, I surely will find time to answer each and every question in my inbox.

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