Spiritual Work


With the many energies around us, some positive, some negative, I have decided to offer an array of workings to accommodate the needs of our clients and their energies.

They work in a variety of ways, stemming from internal focus, physical intent, as well as emotional and spiritual requests.

While we understand it is hard for some to understand or acknowledge the energies that surround all of us, many of our clients benefit from the ability to request such work as well as the outcomes they bring.

It can span from a simple working to help release emotional pain, bad energy, potential hexes one fears may have been cast upon them, to helping change ones luck in love, relationships, finances, outcomes and more.

What is rightfully returned, requested or relayed is given to spirit, and what is meant to be, will be.  We have the expertise and education to work within a vast assortment of religious beliefs and workings, and have done so for well over twenty years.  We utilize the lunar calendar for many of my workings, though not all styles we am able to practice require this, we use it as an added energy resource when working a spell for you.

If there is a working you are interested in, or, an area of your life you would like advice on in regards or a price list with description, feel free to contact us.  Pricing varies and start at $125.00 for those interested.

Please see our client reviews in regards to a few of our workings. Thank you.

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