Aura Readings


Your aura is an oval shaped, multi-layered, colorful energy field surrounding each of us.  All living things have an aura.  The aura contains information about our physical, emotional and spiritual self and also co-incide with the health of the chakras.  Upon submitting a recent photograph of yourself, a reading will be done that includes the colors, areas of them and meanings of each within your aura, as well as any spiritual beings, animals or messages brought forth.

A psychic painting, acrylic on canvas measuring either 8″ × 10″ or 16″ × 20″ can be ordered, which will be personally created and mailed to your home showing the visual and emotional energies of your reading.

Requirements: A recent photo submitted on who the reading is for and their first name, the photograph does NOT need to be a file attachment and can be one within a public album or similar.

Aura Reading Only


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Aura Reading with 8″x 10″ painting


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Aura Reading with 16″x 20″ painting


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