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Whispers Of Lord Ganesha Tarot


 These tarot focus on our inner spirituality and how it manifests itself in our daily lives.  It allows us to look beyond the circumstances to see a deeper meaning of the lessons or focuses we should acknowledge.  Lord Ganesha is most known in the Hindu pantheon.  He is the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the diva of intellect and wisdom.  He represents good fortune and prosperity.  Ganesha is the same energy which is the reason for this universe. It is the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve. While Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, he can also place obstacles before us as a test or lesson to help us better ourselves as we move through this lifetime.

1 Card Draw  $5.00

Receive a 1 card draw reading based on your day ahead. Is it going to be a great day, or one with things you should look out for? Is there a particular future date in question you want to know more about today? When ordering this reading, please specify what date you wish to have read.images (3)

3 Card Past Present Future $15.00

The Past, Present, Future spread focuses on your life in general, what has been surfacing from past influences, as well as what the future holds for you.  It can cover anything significant that is coming to term in your daily life, and is a good guidance tool for what is yet to come.

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4 Card Love Life $20.00

The love life reading focuses on your relationships and lovers in your life, or the lack thereof.  It can show you what is holding you or your partner back, as well as for those who are single, when the right person will be coming into your life, or why they may not as of yet.  It helps open our minds, thoughts and feelings to allow more love into ourselves and to those around us.  When ordering this reading you can include a specific person to focus on in regards to this reading, or, leave it blank and allow the tarot to explain what is going on or soon to be coming in your love life.

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4 Card Decision Maker $20.00

If there is a decision in your life you are battling with inside, this spread is the right choice.  It focuses on the decision at hand, your options, what to look out for, and the pros and cons in regards to your decision and how it will affect your life and those around you.  When ordering this reading please include the subject matter of your dilemma or the choice problems you are having in regards to a decision at hand.

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7 Card Career $40.00

Having a reading about your career helps you better understand what is going on in your job or business as well as what problems may be arising or what to look out for.  It allows us to acknowledge personalities of those around us, also letting us see the true colors of those that help or harm us for their own advancement.  If you are looking for a career change, going back to advance your degree or are just starting out and need guidance this is a great choice.  If you wish to focus on a specific area within your career, ensure to include it when ordering this spread.

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7 Card for Pets $25.00

The pet tarot card reading helps focus entirely on your pet.  It helps us better understand what they are trying to tell you, what you can do to help your pet, what they need most from you as well as their overall health and wellness.  It is a great way to connect with your pet on a spiritual level and see what it is we may be missing in regards to their lives and happiness. When ordering this reading, please include your pets name and species.

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12 Card Zodiac $50.00

A 12 card zodiac spread is a very long and detailed reading that covers your ENTIRE year ahead month by month allowing you to see what is to come, what you can do to avoid or enhance certain aspects of your life and future as well as allows you to see how one area transpiring affects another later on in your year.  Your reading will start with the next month coming up if you order this reading AFTER the 15th on the current month.  (Example: If you order this reading on March 16, your reading will start with the month of April, if you order this reading on March 1-15 it will INCLUDE the current month you are ordering in.)  You can order this reading at any time of the year and it will cover the entire year coming up in a 12 month cycle.

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15 Card Relationship $60.00

A 15 card intensely detailed and descriptive reading about all facets of your relationship. Whether it is dating, marriage, friendship or past hurtful relationships this reading will explain in minute detail about our lessons, negatives held onto that need to be let go, what from our past is interrupting the current relationship as well as who or what to look out for in the future in regards to our relationship with a particular person.  You will need to include the name of a specific person that you would like this reading to pertain to and focus this reading around.  Learn more about yourself and your surrounding partnership with someone through different levels of emotion and their life circumstance reactionary ways. You may include when ordering this spread the name of whom you wish to have this reading focused around IE- your mate, a family member etc.

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