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Many times in our lives we look to spirit for guidance, and receive the answers we need without question.

But there are many other times, where we become so overwhelmed, lost and frustrated that we cannot see the answers that lay before us.  Receiving a reading helps you move forward with your life, without becoming stagnant in time from emotion or stress.

We give readings about passed loved ones showing they’re still here with you, messages from spirit and guides, help in your love life or employment and medical readings that focused on health and well being.  At times explaining things already going on with you, or things that will be showing in the near future.  There is always help when we need it, we just need to learn to ask for it and also understand when it’s right in front of us.

All of our readings are done online and sent to you in written form.  Each reading is explained fully  on the readings tab.  We enjoy doing readings this way for many reasons.  This process also stops the question and answer sessions during the reading itself.  Many skeptics consider the questions and answers during a reading as  ‘feeding’ a psychic.  To prevent interruption while the connection is made and to provide greater understanding,  question and answers are done at the completion of the reading.  Unlike an in-person reading , receiving an online reading will allow you to refer back to it at a later time with full understanding.  Feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us  and review our Q & A .

We offer a large assortment of reading styles and are equally proficient in all of them to help you hear what spirit has to offer.  The comfort level of out clients create a better reading.  Once a psychic fully learns how to connect with the universe, it can be done in many forms of divination comfortably to cater to the comfort level of our clients.

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“5 Star Psychic is fantastic! I’ve gotten two readings and both were SPOT ON!  I laughed and cried and have some better insight on my life. She is truly gifted. I’ll be back for more!”  

-Melissa A.


“I had a medical reading few weeks back and blown away by it. She was spot on to things, even the doctors were missing. So I went back to the doctors and requested some tests and found out things that have been the root to some pain. I’m grateful to say, things are going to get better now.  I strongly recommend a reading that you are wanting. She even picked up on my cats illness too.
She is true and amazing. I can promise, you won’t regret it.”

-Pauline L.


“Rose is so gifted.  She gave me a reading about passed loved ones and connected with my mother.  She was able to tell me so many things she could’ve never known and even brought back memories of times we had together that I forgot about.  I highly recommend getting a reading done by Rose.”

-Stacy P.


“Had an e-mail tarot reading – took a few days for all the info to sink in. VERY intense and VERY accurate! I am a reader myself and I find it hard to find a reader. This was a good experience for me and I highly recommend a reading!!!”

-Jodie A.


“Rose did card reading for me and she was so spot on it was amazing, I really felt she could get what I needed to know from one card… I recommend her as a reader to all Thank you Rose”  

-Melody N.


“My reading was amazing, she knew about things no one could have known.  I now know my sister is with me all the time, and even though she died ten years ago, she has shown her presence to me through this reading and I know she is okay.  I am forever thankful for finding this site.”

Cassidy B.


“I got an aura reading done which showed everything around me in energy and in spirit it was beautiful.  The painting is amazing and I will cherish it always.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with so many.”

-Kim W.








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